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Important Updates for Concealed Carry Applicants & Instructors

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ZZ Cop’s Gun Room, Sycamore, Illinois will be hosting the approved 8/16 hour Illinois Conceal Carry Course on the following dates:

These classes will be provided and instructed by ZZ Cop’s Gun Room’s NRA/ILCCW Certified Firearms Instructors. The classes will begin Saturday at 8:00am (Phase I) and Sunday at 8:00 am (Phase II).

Those who have not had previous formal training by a ILCCW certified instructor or are not a veteran of the armed services with an Honorable Discharge (must provide DD214), must take the entire 16 hour course. For those who have a certificate of completion from any formal firearms training by a ILCCW certified instructor or are a service veteran with an Honorable Discharge, you are credited a number of hours as authorized by the state of Illinois (see attached form AC101 for clarification). Therefore you are only required to take the remainder of hours necessary to complete the course.

Training will be conducted at the training facility located at 16761 Anderland Rd. (southwest corner of Keslinger Rd. and Anderland Rd.)

I have a growing list of customers and interested parties who have signed a waiting list for classes. I will be contacting those on the lists in the order in which they signed up for the classes, to give them the opportunity to complete the registration forms and submit the course fees. Located on this page is a 3 part CCW information and registration form. Please print off the forms, read them carefully and complete them. When you are contacted, please submit the forms with payment.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in taking the CCW classes go to the Illinois State Police website http://www.isp.state.il.us and select Concealed Carry on the right side of the page for further information and frequently asked questions on concealed carry.

For Course Description, Fees and Registration form click here

Illinois CCW Frequently Asked Questions